Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Which Would YOU Choose?

Which One Would YOU Choose?

I need your help! My next novel depends on it...

One of the things I do when I am constructing a character is to find a picture of a star or model that fits the "essence" of  the character. Rugged, debonair, blue collar, international playboy...a "look," if you will, to help me with my description. Its more helpful if they're in a movie or sitcom because I can observe gestures and what not to see if they'll fit with the kind of character I'm constructing.

The Heronie

I usually try to capture different pictures with various expressions to be true to face type...cleft chin, raised eyebrows, crooked smile. That sort of thing.  But I am TOTALLY STUCK!

You see, I'm writing a gothic romance. I have the "ethereal" look of the heroine picked out already.

It's the hero I'm having trouble with. I'm writing the kind of love story where the hero/antihero is sort of brooding. But I don't want him to be the typical, "dark and mysterious" type of look.  I decided that an almost angelic, blonde - pale type of look might be more interesting.

This is my problem. Unless I choose the tanned, beach-body blonde stars out there...which I do not want...then I can't really think of who to put on my cork board to stare at. For work purposes of course!

Some suggestions from friends are:

Paul Bettany
Pale, intelligent eyes, can do brooding.

Simon Baker
Performed excellent bad boy brooding in The Guardian and The Mentalist.

Jude Law

He is magnificent AND a total train wreck, bad decision-maker, all around great looking mess. That's just in his personal life.
I gotta say...I'm at a loss. The genre calls for "beautiful, but dangerous" which is kinda hard to pull off. 

Also a dark secret that tortures them at least until the heroine can "save" them from themselves.

I know...I KNOW! But its a genre that allows me to explore darker images and mysterious happenings and I'm really excited about it.  We all have a soft spot for the bad-boy.  I real life, you should run screaming. In the fantasy of a romance novel, only YOU can change them. They find redemption and happiness...with you.

So...I'm putting it to a vote. Help me choose who the brooding hero of my next novel will be. I have a poll button on my sidebar-------> 

Or...If you don't like any of them...leave me a suggestion in the comments. 

Can't wait to see what you all think!  Until next time...Go Write!
Photograph by Lucky Burrluck. Photograph by Bazylek.


Murugi Njehia said...

From the suggestions below, i would go with Simon Baker. I am not sure what others will think.

I am a new follower, stopping by from the A-Z challenge.

Murugi A Njehia
Her World

Lynda R Young said...

I like the look of Paul Bettany.

Trisha said...

Yep, my vote would be for Paul Bettany. I guess I never got used to Simon Baker being a big star, since I used to watch him in daggy Aussie soapies :P So I can't really see him as a gothic heartthrob.

Carrie said...

Paul Bettany! Jude Law would be too distracting (you know too much about him in real life) and the other guy looks like he owns a lot of lawn equipment (too suburban).

Lae said...

I vote for #3. Fits the description best imo.

Pk Hrezo said...

I was thinking Paul Bettany before I even saw he was a contender. BUT... what about a blonde Orlando Bloom???

Good luck! Sounds like a fun story!

Diane said...

I'm kinda liking Paul there. He definitely has an understated look that is intriguing and powerful. :O)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bettany would be a good choice, but as I'm a fan of The Mentalist, I go with Baker.

Clarissa Draper said...

Sounds Jane Eyre-ish. Try going through all the actors that have played Rochester. Or, my favorite, Richard Armitage.

Charity Bradford said...

I'd pick Jude Law. Oh, I already did for one of my characters! LOL. He fits your description so well. My second choice would be Paul Bettany. Good luck!

Andrew Rosenberg said...

Those guys seem so vanilla.
What about someone a bit ethnic?
A foreigner, or at least someone raised overseas.
Accents are always fun.

Raquel Byrnes said...

You know it is so funny. I got a lot of votes for Bettany in the comments, but Jude Law is totally killing in the poll. What's with that?

Andrew - What? Like a Swedish dude?

nutschell said...

jude law, definitely!

Lydia K said...

Paul Bettany. Simon has a playful look about him, so maybe not as brooding as you'd like. Jude Law, meh.

I'd also consider Daniel Craig. He has such an intensity and you've got the blonde hair...

Raquel Byrnes said...

Hmmm, Daniel Craig. Didn't think of him. Not really beautiful, which is kinda a requirement.

The poll and the comments are definitely NOT matching up. 0_o

Commentors say Bettany, pollsters say Law.

Kinda hoped for some clarity after this post. Doesn't look like that's happening.

Donna Hole said...

Seriously love The Mentalist. For any role.

Perhaps you should also look at models: Jamie Stracham (mostly I love the name); Tom Warren (look at that forehead); Travis Davenport (the eyes, yes yes); Gordon bothe (ok, he's just beautiful).

Does it have to be someone of the proper age NOW? Or anyone in the past. Ricky Shroeder does it every time for me. And Scott Baccula.

Man, I have to visit a few unpostworthy sites now . .


DEZMOND said...

what? You are aware of the existence of HOLLYWOOD SPY site and you are still asking which eye candy you should choose to stare at? :))) And I thought I was giving my readers a daily overdose on eyecandy :(

PS love the cover and the add for your upcoming book. Big congrats on that, Raquel!