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IWSG, I Panicked

Welcome to another installment of the Insecure Writer's Support Group conceived by illustrious Ninja Captain, Alex J. CavanaughOur Twitter hashtag is #IWSG

So I'm plugging away on my WIP and usually a third of the way through I stop and go through a few helpful "how to" lists I have compiled over the years. I check to make sure I'm hitting the right action beats and leaving the proper amount of threads...just sort of taking the pulse of my novel, as it were.

This normally helps to double check my Type A tendency to need order when sometimes in the midst of writing it can get pretty messy.

However, this time I found that I was missing something essential. A truly high stakes, doorway-of-no-return motivation that sets my heroine in motion. I THOUGHT that I had one. Its in my outline and synopsis...but as I wrote it, truly just let the story unfold, I found that it wasn't enough. It was kind of -- well it was a little blah.

I panicked...

Hopefully I've figured out what I need to do, but it requires ripping the story open at the seams and really scooping some stuff out, wrangling some new stuff in, and tying those pesky threads together again. Well, it all seems so intimidating. I don't really know how to begin. 

So glad this all happened so close to IWSG posting time because just reading about how other authors face similar struggles and triumphs really is a great thing.  And actually, now that its off my chest...I'm feeling a little better already. 

Was That With An "S" or Not?

Werkin' the Words...
So I'm chugging away on the second book in my trilogy and I'm finding all these little things I SHOULD know off the top of my head...but don't.

Place names, most of which are original, sometimes get spelled differently. Placement of rooms or battle grounds. Does mech-hand have a hyphen or not?

What about dirigible...zeppelin...blimp...Aero Squad? Was there a space in between there?

So I started to really rely on my style sheet. Especially the one I made for The Tremblers (1st book in the series). Sooo glad I did this. If you'd like to look into using one, I suggest a great post by The Editor's Blog called Style Sheets, The Set Up and Benefits.

I'm also finding that its a challenge to weed through scenes that I absolutely LOVE just because they were fun to write or they read especially well. I'm entranced with my own lyricism...whatever. The problem is sometimes the scene is genuinely cool, but serves no actual purpose in your story.

For this I've been using the Scene-by-Scene Outlining Template. This beauty came to my attention via Twitter.  C. S. Lakin over @LiveWriteThrive is a handy blog for authors. I encourage you to take a gander.

I'm not sure what other helps are out there, but if you have any favorites please let me know. I'ts always nice to add another tool to my arsenal. I may add your suggestions to my upcoming post in the "Writing Helps" series.

Until next time...Go Write!

+Raquel Byrnes 

IWSG, Shaking in My Boots

Its my first confession via the Insecure Writer's Support Group conceived by illustrious Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh!

Okay, so I have been visiting and reading these Wednesday posts for months. I have to say I really did like feeling like I was not the only one who struggled with freak outs and worries.  I never really thought I had any reason to post myself...I have it all handled, right?

Uh...not so much. 

Right now I am struggling so much with confidence. I had no idea that writing a true trilogy...books with a continuing story line and ever growing characters could be so intimidating. Can I I do it? Am I smart enough? Organized enough? Will my brain explode before this is over? Ahhhh!

All that angst translates into me hiding and not reaching out and blogging or commenting. I know...I KNOW that keeping in touch with other writers is so important. So I decided to take the plunge and join the IWSG.  

So..."Hi, y'all." *waves nervously*