Saturday, April 16, 2011

Norse Gods, Big Hammers, and Golden Apples - "N"

One genre I discovered in last year's A-Z Blogging Challenge was the Viking/Norse God genre. In fact there are two bloggers I found that I continue to seek out in blogfest simply because their stories are so different from what I normally encounter.

Rebecca Wilson over at Valkyrian Sanctum and Amalia Dillin who's blog Good To Begin Well, Better to End Well, have both delighted us with their descriptive and riveting excerpts.

Norse mythology; Thor, Odin and the legends that follow are filled with the kind of journeys and monsters that keep you turning the pages late into the night.

Along the same lines as the epic travels of Odysseus, the Norse heroes had daunting challenges, fate and gods often intervened, and noble ideals of honor and sacrifice were prominent.

Besides...when they make these books into movies we get to look at super gorgeous guys like this:

 I'm sorry, I meant this...

What unexpected genres or writing styles have you come across so far? Share the blogger love and mention someone new you've become a fan of.

Until next time...Go Write!


Gail M Baugniet said...

Love the colors of your blog. Your lighthearted sense of humor comes through in your writing!

Meika said...

I'm taking a mythology class in school and we recently read the Norse myths. I'd never read them before and they're really interesting!

Angeline said...

I love Norse mythology and will definitely check out the two Bloggers you've linked to. I love how, these days, the boundaries between the genres are becoming so blurred.

Elena Solodow said...

I'm fascinated by dystopias now, and I'm trying to get into the zombie scene a bit.

Amalia T said...

Ha! thanks for the link today! Also, there's a book I just read by James Lovegrove, called AGE OF ODIN which is an interesting mix of contemporary fantasy and Norse mythology, and I also suggest, nay, DEMAND you read GIANTS OF THE FROST by Kim Wilkins if you like Norse Myth in your urban fantasy. That book is really amazing, in my opinion!

I'm honestly surprised there isn't more of it. But Tolkien kind of co-opted all of the Norse myth stuff into Fantasy with LOTR, so it's hard to address it in a new way without feeling like you're stepping on his coattails.

Donna Hole said...

Fairy tales and Urban Fantasy have captured my attention lately.

Thanks for the shout out to Amalia; I haven't been to her site in a while and this is a good time to catch up. I love her writings.


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Your photo "oops" made me laugh.

I guess I've been under a rock, because I just came across steampunk within the last six months or so. I haven't read anything in that genre, so I can't speak to its entertainment value, but I understand it is hugely popular.

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