Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jaw Dropping Feats of Heroism - "J"

Our next stop on the genre train is Action. These are the stories with risk-taking protagonists. The James Bonds and John McClanes of the fiction world.  

Similar to Adventure, the Action genre usually has situations that become more and more dire that push the main character to ever-insane feats. There is often an important task or mission. And there is almost always some sort of conspiracy or diabolical plan in motion.

They aren't just the gun and car chase stories, however. Action incorporates any story that has heroic bloodshed and follows the protagonist along a dangerous journey few others could complete.

The "hero" is usually flawed, morally flexible, and battling some sort of issue that the journey resolves in some way. They get away with outrageous behavior otherwise seen as insane. Action heroes tend to be reluctant heroes.

I love, LOVE this genre.

From spy thrillers to ancient Greek lore, this genre has a lot to offer. A famous author of action novels is Clive Cussler whose book Sahara was made into a movie. 

Often combined with other genres, the action novel is commonly about military action, espionage, global catastrophe, with elements of history, even future consequences. Books with superheroes are often categorized within Action.

One of my favorite series was the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. Before it was a techno-spy-thriller movie, it was a great action/spy story.  The dark protagonist searching for a truth that will inevitably be tragic while battling encroaching forces aligned against him.

I have written a series in this genre so I'm sort of biased in my zeal, but I encourage you to read some of the A-Z Challenge blogs whose authors write this type of story. Their tales will set your heart pumping.

Who is your favorite action genre hero? What is it about him that makes him/her stand out in your memory?

Until next time...Go Write!


Trisha said...

I too love this genre - and I wrote a sci-fi/action novel last year for NaNo, which was a lot of fun! I need to make it more action-y though :D

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hi Raquel - When you have a moment, please pop over to my blog. There is an award there for you. :)

Great post for "J." I love this genre, as well.

Tessa Conte said...

Love the genre, too, though admittedly I'm in a definite Fantasy reading phase right now ; )

Katie Mills said...

pretty much anything harrison ford has played;)

Laura Marcella said...

Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are my favorite–so I'm very happy you included their pics!

Tracy said...

I don't read many action novels, but I do watch the movies. Characters played by Sean Connery for sure...his accent adds something.

Linda Glaz said...

Sean Connery, Harrison Ford. Love 'em. But the question is, which action hero DON'T I like? They're all so good!

Donna Hole said...

Man, you've listed quite a few of my favorites already.

I think Harrison Ford was my first action love. Tom Cruise, Keanau Reeves. Mark Wahlberg.

Wow, too many to list.