Friday, April 16, 2010

N is for Networking

One of the hardest things about writing for me is the glaze that falls over people's eyes when I start to talk shop.  Somewhere between talking about story blocking and mentioning conferences, they seem to always need to be somewhere, now.  Ah, the solitary life of a writer, right?  Not necessarily.

I've come a cross some wonderful networking sites for writers over the past few years. Some of which I'll share with you. Ning is a site that allows you to create your own social network. I'm part of a group of called Scribblerati; a collection of writers that share their work and post informative articles. Another relatively new site is called Writeropia they have progress charts, market listings, lots of great stuff. Its still under construction, but what I see so far is great.

I know a lot of you participated in National Novel Writing Month or Nanowrimo's Script Frenzy. I've made some great connections signing up to buddy with another writer for encouragement.   Or better yet, join a national writers association like RWA, Writers Guild of America, or American Christian Fiction Writers.  They have forums where you can connect with writers by genre, ask questions of "experts", or just chat.  WGA has a great article on how stupid serial killers actually are in their Murder 101 article. It was fascinating. And of course, I can't forget all of the great poets we have on the challenge.  Writers-Network is a huge site for poetry. They have reviews, spotlights, even a forum.

The way to network that is the most fun though, is the writer's conference. There are so many to choose from. Whether you write paranormal fantasy, Christian romance, or you're a travel writer...there is a conference for you.  Two places to look for a conference worth your time and money are, Terry Whalin's Blog and Shaw Guides.  The reviews are honest and informative and will help you find the right conference to meet your needs. 

I hope you all have fun perusing the links and making connections. Its always nice to find a group of people that share your passion and insanity as an author.
Until next time...Go Write! 

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Not enough hours! said...

We picked the same word!!!

I really don't know why Networking is considered such a bad word- I don't think writers would get anywhere without networking. And it isn't at all a bad thing, because even if the system were different, one would still need networking.

~ Rayna


It is a minority that spoil networking for the majority.
I think it is an excellent way of communicating.
Excellent post,

Enjoy your week-end,

Gregg said...

I never realized how many writers or authors are out there until I started this challenge.

I learned something from your post today. Not about net-working, for I am very familiar with that. But you shared resources - I never knew these places existed.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for all the links.
And there's a lot more of us than you think. But we understand the craziness.

Julie Dao said...

These are great networking tips! I think the best networking step I took for myself was to start my blog :) I've met so many great writers who blog and it's been inspiring and motivating.

Marjorie said...

Writers should network. They find more support that way. I think almost everyone should network. I've met some fabulous people that way.

Lisa said...

Raquel, I will not deny that shop talk leaves my eyes glazed over since I'm not a writer. In all honesty though, I think your writing style is brilliant. :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks very much for all those links. I have found out that people are dying to hear me ... stop talking long enough for them to jump in and tell me what they've thinking about while putting up with what I've been saying.

Mark Twain once sat down next to an actress at some dignitary's tribute. She talked long and long. Finally, she turned to him and said,d "Enough about me. What do you think about me?"

If it isn't true, it should be. Have a healing weekend, Roland