Monday, June 20, 2011

What's In Your Media Kit?

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What Goes Into A Media Kit?

Whether its guest posting or being featured on a blog, the one thing you need to have on hand, after a stellar novel, is a Media Kit.  You never know when someone has a slot open up and if you're prepared, you might just snag that opportunity. Here are some things to have ready to go...

·        A .jpeg of your book cover. Usually your publisher will send you a few different kinds. High resolution for print and some lower ones for thumbnails and online sites.

·        An up-to-date photograph. Preferably a professionally done head shot.

·        Two versions of your author bio. One short one, a little more than a few lines, to go at the bottom of posts. Make sure that it has links to your blog and book site. You'll also need a more extended one-page version for things like newsletters and for interviewers to create questions.

·        Sample interview. Have a list of questions that you've answered. Sometimes the host blog will just go with it or use it to create their own questions for you. It helps to show if you're quirky or funny or profound...your voice.

·        A stellar excerpt. Something that grabs the reader and makes them want more. Most people use the scene where the hero and heroine meet. Others use the precipitating event. Don't give a way too much. It’s usually only 200-300 words.

·        A short synopsis of your book. Sometimes space is limited, so a great blurb about your book is a handy promotion tool.

Create a folder on your desktop and have all of these things at the ready. If you get a call for something, you have it all organized already. This way you don't accidentally forget to include your bio with links or something vital like that.

Some other things to consider adding to your Media Kit are:

·        Book trailer. Some bloggers will post a link to it if it’s on YouTube or just embed it in the post about you.

·        Your upcoming events. Are you on a blog tour or having a launch party? Include that information.

·        Where to Buy. Finally, if your book is out already, have the purchase information available for posting.

Believe me when I say having this all done is a real life-saver. I learned the hard way on this one. I was offered an opportunity to guest post, but didn't remember to put a little mention about my upcoming release.  I'd lost out on an opportunity...don't make the same mistake. Create a folder on your desktop with these things and you’ll never miss out.