Monday, June 6, 2011

What I Didn't Know...

I've got a few inside tips from my journey to publication that I'd love to share with you.  Juicy tid-bits like...

  • What is so important to know about what you put in your proposal? 
  • Want to know a secret about editors and those red pens?

My good friend Lynnette Labelle has offered to host a blog stop over at her blog, Chatter Box Chit-Chat. Find out 5 Surprising Things I Didn't Know About Getting Published. 

Also...You're all invited to the Purple Knot Release Party at The Romance Studio. Thursday, June 9th, I will be giving away a free copy of my debut novel!  

Hope to see you there!
Photograph by Sarah G.


Rogue Mutt said...

Now you know...and knowing's half the battle!

Raquel Byrnes said...

G.I. Joe! ^