Monday, May 17, 2010


Kierah Jane Reilly tagged me in a post where she "Paid Forward" a sweet mention by B. Miller.  In it, she mentioned three writers and I was one of them.  I was flabbergasted and a lot thankful for the shout out.  Through the recent blogfests I've met a lot of really great bloggers I never would have come across.

Thank You, Keirah...I hope all of you hop on over to her blog, check out her cute Chicken Story, and click to follow. She's a gem.

If you have a book that is published, B. Miller's Pay It Forward Giveaway is an amazing opportunity for exposure. Just check out the Grand Prize description:

If you are a writer with published work available for purchase, I will buy your novel/story collection/chapbook, etc., up to a value of $25. I will also read your work and give a review on your chosen website, as well as a review and a plug on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook fan page. I will go to my local library and booksellers and ask that your work be stocked on my local shelves in Greenville, South Carolina. And, if you're willing, I will do a guest feature on my blog for you, complete with interview and links to your media. about a great prize!
As part of the giveaway and mention by Kierah, I get to name three Bloggers I'd like love to hang out with in  a non-virtual way...they are:
  • Mary McDonald - Her blog for aspiring writers is witty, informative, and just plain good writing.
  • Jeannie Campbell - Her Character Therapist blog is amazingly helpful. I've learned so much about motivation, drive, and layering through her posts. Check her out; you'll be glad you did.
  • Courtney Barr's Southern Princess Blog - Not only are her posts always humorous, her fiction writing is phenomenally funny. Her Flirt Fest Blogfest entry had my laughing so hard I nearly peed.
Looking forward to tomorrow's Lets Talk Blogfest over at Fiction Groupie...I have something sinister planned. Mwahaha ha!

Until next time...Go Write!

Photograph by MarcinMoga/Lolek, Uploaded on January 3, 2010.