Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Survival Wednesday - Holding Fire Without Burning!

My current WIP, The Black Adders revolves around Raven Adder, a woman who grew up working the carnival circuit with her family of gypsies. Forced into hiding over a betrayal, Raven tries to settle into a"normal life" even chancing her heart on former cop, Ben Farrell.

Almost at ease, she is shaken when a series of mysterious notes  from the "old country" begin to show up. Unsure if they're a threat or a warning, Raven must delve back into the dangerous world she left behind in order to save the family that swore to get even...

Part of the fun of writing this main character is her internal dialogue detailing the behind the scene secrets of amazing feats such as Sword Swallowing, Fire Breathing, which I already covered, and of course...appearing to ignite a ball of fire in your hand.  In your HAND!!

Because really...who hasn't tried this already?

As I've said before in my Survival Wednesday posts, this information is for fiction use only. That means real people cannot do this at home! But virtual people...stuff always goes off without a hitch for them, so have at it.

One of my favorite sites for learning how to do things that don't really fall under the category of "Normal" is a great place called, Wonder How This website is spectacular because the written directions are great...but the videos are amazing!

So from Raven Adder to you...I leave you with a wonderful step-by-step video on how to turn a t-shirt and some string into a spectacular, if not deadly, party trick!

Until next time...Go Write!

Photograph by Ktylerconk. Photograph by Jamie Neely.

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