Monday, January 31, 2011

Digital Dose - Conference Buzz

This past week the Writer's Digest conference in New York generated a tsunami of comments and "a-ha" moments for those who attended. 

A recent post by The Write Runner's Andrew Rosenberg got the attention of Writer's Digest's Beth Friedman in her Best Tweets for Writers post.  His thoughts on the "Whoa" factor really hit home with a lot of authors. He talks about refining your pitch and wowing your intended audience. Check it out for details.

James Scott Bell, author of the Art of War for Writers, posted a great list of Opening No-No's. Some of his suggestions to chuck? Starting your cop drama with your MC cringing over his done before.  If you've ever seen a Die Hard movie, you understand the reason.

For those of you that missed it, counselor Jeannie Campbell had an awesome post over at her blog, The Character Therapist on The Sympathetic Antagonist. So excited because the character she analyzed was my own bad guy from my current WIP.  Check her out. She's an amazing resource for writers.

That has been your Digital Dose for this Monday.  Until next time...Go Write!

***I will have a guest blogger, Social Media Marketing expert, Phyllis Zimbler Miller here on Monday, February 7th. Drop by for some important things to know about Marketing and the Writer.***

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for the links!

Andrew Rosenberg said...

Thanks for the mention!
James Scott Bell had some really good talks at WDC. Need to get his book...

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Lots of interesting stuff here. I'm been reading up on lots of where-to-start articles.