Friday, January 3, 2020

Failing Forward -- A Resolution

This past year was not a good one for writing. In fact 2019 was a year of struggle for me as an author.

Specifically, my decision to write a sci-fi thriller really pushed me into a steep learning curve. Don't get me wrong...I am loving the science and the futurism. It has to do with pace. Noir stories tend to slow burn and that can be difficult for someone who loves to write action.

I found that I kept hitting walls with point of view, plot, even character decisions. And then I realized that in my attempt to push through these blocks I was giving up on fun. And if writing isn't's tedious.

So I decided to be ok with failing at writing this book. It's only the first draft. I have room to grow. I can fall short as long as I don't stop trying. And that is a big step for a chronic perfectionist.

This year I pledge to step outside my comfort zone often. I'm starting with a book challenge. Reading is the lifeblood of authors and I want to read books I would not naturally gravitate towards.

GirlXOXO has a helpful post with a list of great book challenges to try. There's one to fit any taste or schedule. I'm doing the mash-up of the 52 books in 52 weeks but using the book suggestions from Rory Gilmore's Master reading list.

If you do decide to take a reading challenge keep me posted on what you're reading! Until next time, happy New Year and go write!