Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lake Gregory

I love man-made facsimiles of nature. We can indulge the feel-good nature lover in us without all of the bother and mess of actual, well, nature. Take, for instance, the lake we went to this weekend. It was surrounded by majestic pines, painstakingly planted to avoid obscuring the 1.5 million dollar lake house views. There was a water slide, powered by lake water---although it was filtered and run through an industrial pump to get it up to the top of the slide. And there were the life guard towers and the anti-stagnation water spouts with their 24 hour roiling of lake water to avoid pesky things like algae...besides, the fish are fed a 'proper' diet of nutrient rich pellets. Much more healthy. My kids had a blast. They floated about with their county-issued life vest, strongly recommended, and played well within the cordoned-off buoy system's designated areas. Ahhh summers at the lake...I can't wait to read their school essays.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Going Home

I flew home today, and as you know, I'm always surprised when I don't perish in a fiery death spiral toward earth. I really dislike, to the umpteenth degree, getting on an airplane. But I made it home and I am so glad to be back in the desert. For all of its beauty, Washington was a little...soggy. I missed the dust and the scorching heat of my little ponderosa. Here is proof of my visit to the famous Pike Place Market, the VERY FIRST Starbucks, and all the touristisy things my brother was kind enough to endure for me. Goodbye Pacifice Northwest!!!

Sushi World - Portland, Oregon

I have discovered a new Nirvana. It is known as conveyor belt dining. I recently ate at a restaurant that has my three favorite features: total control, highly organized structure, and my favorite--absolutely no need to interact with other humans. I was a little put off by my "Traditional" sushi being prepared by people from a completely different (think southern) continent, but no matter. The ambiance is really what makes this place pop on my list of favorite eateries.

Not to mention that all of the little plates sliding sleepily along their mechanically propelled paths were bite sized and beautifully you can try much more than just a traditional entree. I also found, upon observing an obvious regular, that slipping a few bills to one of the chefs will get you a neat little wooden box filled with their house specialty...calamari?!? It somehow all fits though. The tiny little plates, the isolating stools facing the bustling open kitchen, even the old school hand-written bills. I've found my 'Peach Pit'.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seeing Charlie - Vancouver, Washington

Charlie and Megan came by to visit me in Vancouver. They made the trek from Seattle and brought me some gourmet chocolate that was heaven in a wrapper...yum...and thanks guys. We went to check out Cedar Grist Mill Creek, an historical landmark in Washington. Charlie thought it was 'creepy' and Megan saw phantom Poison Oak plants everywhere but I thought it was great.

Multnomah Falls

I spent the past week in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Multnomah Falls was my favorite place in Oregon. It was easily accessible and the day was cool and sunny.