Friday, September 18, 2015

6 Things We Love About Steampunk

There’s something about the glint of brass in the light of a filament bulb or maybe the ghostly miasma of steam in the glow of gas lamps that sets our imagination thrumming. Tinkerers and air ships , mechanica and magic, the world of alternative history is rife with danger, mystery, and adventure. It all began for me with THE TREMBLERS, a book set in a post catastrophic north america where technology rules and terrifying monsters lurk in the shadows of the floating city. Take a peek at our favorite things about the age of steam!

1. Strange Devices


Steampunk technology pushes the limits of what is possible in both weaponry and humans. From gear work guns that surge with power to mechanical appendages and sensory enhancing mechanica...this realm is all about the tech.

2. Air Ships


Nothing like an air ship battle miles above the scorched earth to get your pulse pounding. Cannons blazing, impossible maneuvers, and the strength of will to remain airborne -- dirigibles rule the skies!

3. Swoon-worthy Heroes


Gentlemen spies, wild west lawmen, and dangerous sky marauders all exist in within this speculative fiction realm. Ashton Wells, a spy for The Order of the Sword and Scroll in THE TREMBLERS fits the bill of ruthless, noble, and heartbreakingly handsome.

4. Mechanica


Automatons, mech men, gear work guards-- Of all the fantastic ways steampunk joins engineering and imagination the most endearing and terrifying of creations is all up to the Tinkerer who made them.

5. Mystery and Wonder


Whether its the magic of alchemy, technology capable of power beyond imagining, or the ability to harness the mystery of the aether, the world of alternate history has every kind of wondrous workings you could hope for.

6. One Of A Kind Villains


Mad men bent on mechanical armies, debonair killers wielding the power of nature, scientists on the cusp of a terrifying discovery that will change mankind...These are the men and women of mayhem in the steampunk universe.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Fictional Worlds In Which I Would Immediately Die

In my writing life, I create worlds with their own weather and governments and even magic systems. It got me wondering what worlds in my favorite stories I really loved, but would actually NEVER, EVER survive in.

Here are FIVE fictional worlds I would totally die in.

Number One...The Terra-forming Colony, LV-426 in Aliens.

Okay, so I love the dark, gritty, industrial feel of this world. The steam and biological growth on the walls...even the desolate landscape. The thing is I would die in like the first five minutes of being there. I am claustrophobic so I would not do well in the crawlspaces that Newt used to stay alive. I would freak out while hiding in an air shaft and become some alien's lunch in no time.

Number Two...The Gunslinger's Territory in The Dark Tower Series.

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King is both fascinating and terrifying to me. The world is by its design incongruous and unpredictable. This is great as a setting for a novel, but not knowing if a village is going to be there when I arrive or may have simply vanished is unsettling to say the least.

Number Three...The Phantom Tollbooth...anywhere in that book, actually.

You may think I'm being a baby, but really, nothing in the world Norton Juster imagined feels safe. From the dangerously numbing Doldrums, where thinking and laughing are not allowed, to Digitopolis where you are served Subtraction Stew and the more you eat the hungrier you get. Let alone the fact that they banished both Rhyme and Reason from the land. You get the idea.

Number Four...The Matrix...all of them.

Don't get me wrong. I would LOVE to be able to download the ability to fly attack helicopters or perform that amazing scorpion kick of Trinity's without tearing something, but I think my lack of focus would get me killed.  Neo notices glitches because he's paying attention to his surroundings despite going into battle. I would just be sweating and trying to figure out how to download invisibility powers. I'd die in a heartbeat...dumb de ja vu cat!

Number Five...Scadrial of the Mistborn Series written by Brandon Sanderson.

The entire Final Empire, actually is scary and dangerous, but Scadrial specifically makes me nervous just thinking about it. This amazing series has so many things that frighten the heck out of me, the Inquisitors, for instance are menacing and horrifying. I just know I would not have any powers in that world and would no doubt die while simply crossing the road.

What about your favorite fantasy, scifi, or paranormal worlds? Which do you love, but would take a pass if offered a tour?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

IWSG, Will I Rally?

Welcome to another installment of the Insecure Writer's Support Group conceived by illustrious Ninja Captain, Alex J. CavanaughOur Twitter hashtag is #IWSG

This blog post really is all I can do today. I am thoroughly exhausted and worried, actually, that I won't rally...won't keep writing.

What if I devolve into a Netflix watching, sweat pants wearing, Pirate Booty eating mess of a former writer out of sheer exhaustion? I mean, those Psych episodes are looking pretty hilarious about now. How about I watch all 300?

I've just finished and sent off the second book in my Steampunk Thriller series and I have to say, I really need a break. The pace I had to take on was punishing and wore me out thoroughly.

My worry is that I will not come back. Striving to hit the deadline amid the tragedies rolling in this past six months has really tested my love for writing. Maybe even bruised it a bit?

Hubby asked me to take some time off of writing. Two weeks to repair my brain, he said. Here's to hoping it works.

What do you all do to keep your writing pace sane? Do life events slow you down or do you find solace in writing?

I'd love to know if anyone else has struggled with post manuscript blues. That's a thing...right?