Monday, March 18, 2019

Bullet Journaling for Authors

I love to bullet journal. I find it relaxing and it gets my creative juices flowing when I'm having trouble with my writing. Sometimes just doodling or water coloring can redirect my mind and I can get back on track on my chapters.

Often, I find myself creating cluster brainstorm maps of my books or character interaction. I sketch the cityscapes in my novel or work out the details of weapons with pencil and paper. There's something soothing about the soft scrape of a fountain pen that settles the mind. So the creative aspect of writing has always been tied to my journaling habits.

Recently, however,  I have discovered some really neat ideas for using organization spreads to help keep tabs on tasks common to the writing life.
So, once or twice a week I sit down and write out some things I want to accomplish in say, social media. I brainstorm ideas for graphics to post on Instagram or Facebook and jot down deadlines for newsletters, blog hops, etc. I've incorporated a Writing Expenses page that really helps me see at a glance some of the business aspects of being an author. The possibilities are fun to consider. I'm working on a Word Count Goals page right now and its very motivating.
Bullet journaling has a great community and there are so many ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, and especially Youtube where you can follow amazing tutorials for organization spreads and themes. I really recommend taking a gander at the Bullet Journaling or #BuJo community for yourself. 

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