Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Thundersnow - Trembler Weather Pt. 2

I recently did an #AuthorAMA (Ask Me Anything) in which people posted some questions for me to answer. If you haven't taken part in one of these, they are a fun free-from cousin of an interview, but more interactive.

Anyway, one of the questions was about the strange and unpredictable weather in my steampunk novel, The Tremblers.

It takes place after a disaster set off  hidden fault-lines triggering a chain of calamitous quakes that fracture the continent and plunge Victorian America into a post apocalyptic nightmare.  It gets better...there's some kind of sickness sweeping the population that is turning people into monsters called the Tremblers.  All of this is happening whilst the climate goes haywire.

The weather is horrendous and deadly, but NOT made up. Thundersnow is an actual thing and was one of the freakiest weather phenomenon to research. The conditions have to be just right, but they do happen and its been caught on tape.

So in the middle of a snow storm, with all the white flakes blowing about obscuring your vision, the sky will start flashing and booming just to make things that much worse.

Now, imagine you're locked in a battle with monstrous knights while suspended on walkways swaying a mile above the ocean.  Awesome, right? I thought so too.

For a look at what Thundersnow looks and sounds like, take a peek at the video below...

It was such a rush to write that scene, but it was inspired by real weather that people live through all the time. As a Californian, where our weather is hot and a lot hotter, the idea of this type of storm just gives me shivers!
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