Monday, January 25, 2016


So everyone...EVERYONE in my family but me is sick. Like a chorus of throwing up all night long. Just so you understand, I have six kids. With me and my husband that is eight of us in the house. So that's a lot of ginger ale and crackers if you know what I mean.

Because of this, I am finding myself running around like crazy trying to keep everyone in relative comfort. Not easy. Between the chills and the fever everyone either needs a blanket or is trying to kick it off.

But I have found some time to write. Slowly and with great difficulty, but there are words making it onto the page and by some miracle...they are not disgusting me so much that I delete them.

So that's progress. Sorta.

I'm hoping that I don't get sick. As it is right now, I am the only one not affected and it kinda feels like I'm the last one standing in a survival movie.

Will report back with progress on both book and whether or not I have succumbed to whatever is plaguing our house.