Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Situational Blindness or a Dufus?

Heading into the weeks before Valentine's Day, I am working on the romantic arc in my WIP only to get stuck before the sparks even begin to smolder.

Its always difficult, in the midst of tumult, to quiet your heart and mind long enough to see what is right in front of you. That sort of situational blindness has happened to me before in real life and I can totally understand how it can happen in the extreme situations of a fantasy novel.

The problem is...

Writing it in such a way that the heroine or hero do not appear to be clueless dufuses (yes, thats a word) that frustrate the reader with their obliviousness.

I remember reading a book and the love interest kept doing obvious things to help her in a dangerous situation and the heroine kept wondering seriously?

I also don't want to be so subtle that the reader is frustrated with the hero for not making his feelings clear enough.

Blerg!  So, as I overanalyze and obsess over every piece of dialogue and cryptic behavior I write...

I leave the question with you. What is your favorite instance of someone finally realizing the one they needed was in front of them the whole time?

Until next time...Go Write!

+Raquel Byrnes