Saturday, September 20, 2014

They've Got the Right Idea

So I am knee-deep in revisions AND I am currently teaching a creative writing course for teens. The thing that I like so much about teaching is that it forces me to systematically explain what I do in my head at my computer.

So plot points, opening scene, triggering incident...I have to show that to young writers that are basically pansters. They sit and start writing without even caring where its going.

Thing is...

Its kind of a good thing.  Don't get me wrong. I'm a thorough charter, outliner, index card writing planner to my core.  But these go for broke, just get it out, teen writers don't ever seem to suffer from something older writers seem to grapple with.  They FINISH their stories.

They don't care that their first draft is wildly meandering and full of plot holes. Or that their main characters are given to colloquialisms and metaphors too often.  That can all be fixed in edits.  

No, I think they're on to something...

Too often we are so concerned with perfecting what we're writing before we're even finished that we don't in fact, finish.  I've had so many fellow authors start several books and not actually get to the last page because they don't give themselves the room to just...well, to just PLAY.

Writing is hard work. Yes.  It is technical and you need to hone your craft. Yes. It needs to also be fun. Because if you aren't enjoying the story. How will your reader?

So while I edit... 

I will plug away at my commas and make sure my threads are weaved, but I am also going to remind myself that I write because I love it.

What are your thoughts?  

by +Raquel Byrnes