Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pugs Are Not Manly...Right?

Well, its official. Only a couple more weeks until Bayou Blue, the last book in my Shades of Hope series is released.  Kinda bitter-sweet for me because I so loved writing this series, but I'm totally excited for my Gothic Romance series to debut in January!

On the promotion front, I'll be over at Family Fiction later this month, then The Romance StudioFiction Finder did an interview with me earlier in the month. It was a lot of fun and the questions were entertaining so hop on over if you'd like.

So now I'm going to really commit to finishing my second Gothic romance set in and around the mysterious Noble Island.  I'm looking into adding a dog. This is after an interesting conversation with my illustrious critique partner, Erin Spock, who just went and conquered RWA's Anaheim conference. Despite late starts, the wrong hotel, and an actual RIOT in the area, she emerged victorious with several requests for material!  Woo hoo for Erin!!

Brooding Hunk
Anyway, the dog. She felt it would soften up my dark hero and provide both a talking point and a connection to his past with my heroine. Seems legit. 

Most of her suggestions on. I just know, KNOW, though that I will spend a lot of time deciding the kind of dog a brooding gypsy prince would have.  So, you know, if you have any suggestions...

<---This is what I've written Siyah to look like. Sort of a scruffy Mr. Cavill.  Love that chiseled jaw...but I digress.

Chocolate Lab
I'm thinking...chocolate lab?  Or weimaraner? The both have that earnest, loyal air about them. I've known people with both breeds and they love to swim, fetch stuff in the water, etc.

But... I asked an actual boat living person and they suggested a pug because they don't jump very high, need a lot of space, or require a whole lot of exercise.   Which may make sense but...a Pug?

Not very manly. Not even aesthetically pleasing, no offence to you Pug owners. What if it's eye pops out. That totally happened to my friend's neighbor. Apparently its a problem with them. Bleh!  

Not sure if I'll give in to reality or just go with the dog most likely to hang out with Siyah and melt the heart of a wounded but hopeful Raven. 

I'll keep you posted. Until next time...Go Write!