Friday, May 27, 2011

French Quarter Nocturne - A Dark Urban Fantasy

What do a haunted bar, a century old hero hoping for redemption, and the struggle between darkness and light  have in common? They're all ingredients in a devilishly addicting urban fantasy by Roland Yeomans. 

His novel, French Quarter Nocturne, is set in post-Katrina New Orleans and I've got to say, I love these stories. I've been a fan of his since reading excerpts a couple of years ago. Roland delivers modern day myths and epic battles that hook you and don't let go.

The hero, a man called Sam McCord, battles his own inner demons even as he protects the citizens from the encroaching danger that lurks the devastated city's streets. Struggling against evil both supernatural and not, Sam's own turmoil pushes the action to greater depths.

Written in Roland's darkly lyrical prose, French Quarter Nocturne is well worth reading. Though like Koontz or better keep the light on if you read at night. Spellbinding and spooky, the characters that inhabit his dangerous and chaotic world are richly layered.

The author himself is as intriguing as his tales. From surviving alone on the ravaged streets after Katrina, to his life at University and in Detroit, Roland writes what his heart knows...and he's lived plenty.

With Creole Knights available now and his current YA projects featuring the indomitable Victor Standish, Roland is a busy man. You can pick up any of his seven, yes seven, novels on Amazon. While you're there, if you leave a review, you'll be entered in a fabulous contest to win signed copies of books from Koontz, King, and more.

You can find out more about Roland and his novels at Writing in the Crosshairs.