Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Darkest Words

This is difficult advice to take. Particularly after having characters in your head for years. When I finally get to that moment...I often look for ways to avert their death. But it is to no avail.  If they must die. They must die.

On my current WIP I am dealing with a kind of slow death and it is far worse than the "rip the bandaid" off method I've used in the past.

They know its coming.  They dread and embrace it. They run towards it at times to my horror. When I finally conjure those dark words on my paper it is both a terrible and wonderful moment.

I have to say it is unexpectedly freeing in some ways as well. Decision are far different and often much clearer when fear of death is off the table.

This is a weird time in my personal life and it is for some reason echoed in a plot I constructed long ago. 

I hope to find some clarity in the creative process. It has always been a balm to my soul and I reach for it now.

Until next time...Go write!