Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Writing 2's and 3's

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I am currently neck deep in the plotting throes for books two and three of my YA Steampunk series, The Blackburn Chronicles.  Having received a green light on the series and a synopsis request for the second and third book, I began to really wrestle with not what to include...but what to take off the table.

Book one, The Tremblers, was such an amazing ride to write. The genre is certainly one in which you can just reach high into the aether for inspiration. From floating cities to underground was so much fun!  And the characters were certainly a pleasure to meet and mold.


Book two is both an exhilarating opportunity and a daunting task. Over-arching themes and exploration of deeper personality and psychological issues are easier here because the character is more fleshed-out after an entire arc in the first book.  She is not the debutante she was in chapter one...yet not exactly who she needs to be and therein lies the challenge.

It needs to be larger in scope, more sweeping in consequences, and yet more personal in stakes.

As I go back in my memory over the trilogies I've enjoyed as a reader, I hope to learn as an author how to maintain the fervor and fascination of a first book and yet deliver the meat so essential in a second and third volume.


My question to you readers and authors out there...what do you look for or hope to see in a second and third book?  Continuation of story?  Deeper change in the character? Something else entirely...?

Until next time -- Go Write!

+Raquel Byrnes 


D. U. Okonkwo said...

Hey Rachel,

This is very timely. I;m currently working on a series. I have the first two books written and they are with an editor. I'm planning a 4 book series, and I'm currently beginning the third book. It is daunting. Like you, I have over-arching themes. I'm also working at having the end of each book end on a cliffhanger :o)

I definitely like to see deeper changes in characters. i like to see them grow. Whether I'm writing the book or reading it. I liek to see progression. I also like to revisit old characters from previous books in the series.

This is a first for me - to write a series - and its a challenge. But one that I'm enjoying

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I like to see the stakes go higher. The heroes fought to save the village in the first book, the kingdom in the second and the world in the third kind of think.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Character development and higher stakes. Both great ideas for me to flesh out. Thank you Susan and D.U. for stopping by. :)