Friday, September 9, 2011

Historical Romance Giveaway and Interview!

Raquel: Today my special guest is Historical romance author, Penny Zeller. Welcome to my Author Feature, Penny.

Penny: Hello Raquel. Thank you for having me as your guest!

Raquel: I'm so happy when I find fellow authors and can't wait to share them with other lovers of romance. Let's get started...In one sentence, sum up your style or voice as an author. 

Penny: That’s a great question! I think the sentence “impacting lives for Christ through the written word” sums up my voice and passion as an author.

Raquel: That is a powerful calling. Why don't you tell us about your book.

PennyHailee is the third book in my Montana Skies Historical Romance trilogy. Here's what it's about...

For years, orphan Hailee Annigan was just a ragamuffin in the Cincinnati streets, stealing food to keep her two younger brothers fed. Her thievery landed her in a home for delinquent youngsters, where her life was changed, thanks to her teachers. Now, nineteen-year-old Hailee excitedly heads to Montana to be a teacher, yet she's still plagued by her shameful past and the fear of never seeing her brothers again.

Based on his upbringing in high-society Boston, no one would have guessed that Nate Adams would attend seminary and become a church pastor in rugged Montana. Even now, Nate's parents refuse to put aside their own plans for his future and accept his calling.

When their paths converge, an immediate attraction draws Hailee and Nate together, even as the pressures and demands of others pull them apart. Can the unlikely pair come to terms with their pasts and face the future together?

Raquel: Ok, you've got me intrigued. Is there an overriding theme you hope your reader’s take away from your book?

Penny: The overriding themes are forgiveness and dependence on God, who never leaves us.

Readers can also expect to share in Hailee’s pain and sorrow, as well as the joy she experiences. They will watch as her faith wavers and her heart breaks at the losses she experiences in life. They will share with Nate as he struggles to release to the Lord burdens he was never meant to carry. My books are character-driven, and as such, throughout the book and with a variety of characters, readers will catch a glimpse of struggles with forgiveness, Salvation, rededication to Christ, and the hope of a new life

Raquel: Wow, sounds like an incredible journey for the reader. Does your background influence what you write?

Penny: I would definitely say that my background influences what I write. As a wife and a mom, I am better able to develop scenarios that pertain to being a wife and a mother. As a volunteer, Bible study leader, and as one who ministers to women and children, my passion is to bring my characters to life in ways that encourage others to grow in their faith through reading inspirational fiction.

In addition, I was able to interact with a wide variety of individuals during my former jobs as a legal assistant, a caseworker at the social services agency, and as a bank teller. This helped me to be able to better create characters with real feelings and real trials.

I would advise a new writer to give his/her writing to the Lord and to not give up! I speak from experience when I say that when He closes one door, He opens another (much better) one. 

I give more tips for writers, including sticking with writing and how to prepare for a writer’s conference here:

Raquel: What’s coming up for you in terms of your career? 

Penny: Next on the agenda is my historical romance series set in the post-Civil War era. I recently completed the first draft of the first book and am hard at work on the second.

In addition, I am thrilled to be a part of two blog tours for Hailee. From the end of August through the middle of October, I will be hosted on a variety of blogs (many with giveaways!) and will be discussing numerous topics pertaining to my books, writing in general, and even some interviews with characters. Also, on September 14, I am part of the FIRST blog tour. I update all the information on my Facebook Page at

Where readers can find me on the web: I love to connect with readers at -
My website:
My humor blog “A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author”

Thank you so much, Raquel, for having me as your guest. It was an honor to be here!

Raquel: It was a pleasure to have you visit, Penny. And I'm thrilled to announce that Penny has offered to give away a copy of Hailee to one lucky commenter!

If the winner is a U.S. resident, she will receive a personalized paperback copy of Hailee. If the winner resides outside the U.S., she will receive a PDF ebook copy.

Penny Zeller is the author of several books and numerous magazine articles in national and regional publications. She is also the author of the humor blog "A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author" ( She is an active volunteer in her community, serving as a women's Bible study small-group leader and co-organizing a women's prayer group. Penny devotes her time to assisting and nurturing women and children into a closer relationship with Christ. Her passion is to use the gift of the written word that God has given her to glorify Him and to benefit His kingdom. Hailee is the final book in the series, which began with McKenzie and Kaydie in Montana Skies, her first series with Whitaker House. When she's not writing, Penny enjoys spending time with her family and camping, hiking, canoeing, and playing volleyball. She and her husband reside in Wyoming with their two children. Penny loves to hear from her readers at her website,


Liz Tolsma said...

Sounds like a great book!

Penny Zeller said...

Thank you, Liz! And thank you for stopping by Raquel's blog :)

Penny Zeller said...

Raquel, thank you SO much for having me as your guest. I love yoru blog and it's an honor to be here.

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You have such a cool blog, Rachel!
Great interview I enjoyed it :)

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Great interview! And the book sounds really interesting!

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This sounds like a good read with an important message. I like the idea of conveying Christ's teaching in a practical manner through fiction. Keep up the good work, Penny.

Good interview, Raquel.

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Please enter me! I loved this book so much. :) Good to see you here, Penny!


Raquel Byrnes said...

Thank yo so much, Penny, for stopping by with a great book and giveaway! And thank you to all who commented and entered!

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Thank you for doing this interview, looks like a great book.


Penny Zeller said...

I agree, Faye, I really like Raquel's blog too. And thank you for your compliment about my interview. Have a great weekend!

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Hi Karen ~ I appreciate you leaving a comment for a chance to win Hailee. I'm excited to see who wins!

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Thanks, Deniz! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the interview. Have a great weekend!

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Thank you for your kind compliment, Lee. I continue to be amazed at how God uses a wide variety of fiction to open hearts toward our Savior. It has been a blessing to work for Him and use my writing to glorify Him. God Bless!

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Hi Raquel, Hi Penny. I really enjoyed the interview, premise of the book, and learning more about you Penny. All the best with your novel and your new series sound great too.


Penny Zeller said...

Why thank you, Denise, for your kind words! It has been a pleasure to be here :)

Amy said...

Hi. Enjoyed your first book. Need to still read the second one. Would love to win. Thanks.

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Penny Zeller said...

Wow, thank you, Amy! I'm honored that you enjoyed reading McKenzie. Have a blessed day :)

Lynda R Young said...

Hailee sounds like a great book. And I love that you impact 'lives for Christ through the written word'. It's a great passion to have as a writer.

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What a great interview and the book sounds really interesting. Thanks! :)

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wonderful Interview, and lovely book.
Just wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Versatile Blog Award. Check my blog for details.