Monday, September 19, 2011

Going DARK...

With my recently finished Gothic romance, Whispers on Shadow Bay, off to the designated people and places I am free to dally in different projects while guessed it...wait. The life of a writer, right? Sigh.

One great thing about waiting is that it opens up the creative possibilities. I'm not working on a book to fit into a series nor am I trying to write to a specific imprint's requirements. I'm just writing for the sheer pleasure of it and seeing where the character and the story goes.

This is actually what happened last time. I was done with the third book in my Shades of Hope series and was wondering if I should write a fourth, but not really feeling it.

I'd fumbled NaNoWriMo train wreck. So I decided to explore a genre I'd been reading and toying with....and ended up writing a whole book.

This time around I seem to be treading the same waters. Not sure if I should go forward with the second book in the Gothic romance series because the first one is still out in what to do?

Well...I've started a book called, Dark.  Its a romantic suspense, but with a lot of danger and thrills in the chase. My main character, a very reluctant addition to the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, struggles with the whole process of crime scene investigation, bodies, and the danger involved with hunting a killer...and we take the harrowing journey with her.

I've had a great time constructing a twitchy, unique personality in a primarily alpha-male environment. Its been said that her mind works in a great and terrible way and the process of writing how she sees the world, the crime, and the unseen flow of it has been so fun!

Plus...I might get to go on a ride along with our men in blue if I'm lucky!

So, I'm off to do more research. The librarians think I'm crazy anyway since the last time I was there I asked for books on old cemeteries, hidden passageways, and daggers.

What do you do when you finish a project? Are there unfinished stories rattling around in your head that are just dying to be written? I'd love to know what lurks in the dark corners of your writer's mind.

Until next time...Go Write!
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Donna Hole said...

Congrats on finishing Whispers. I'll bet its awesome :)

I'm still finishing up revisions for my Scent story, but hoping this last one tonight is THE LAST one before it is ready for the publisher. Its almost a let-down to get everything done and off to the right people and then - wait.

Well, sounds like you have a lot of fun things to keep you occupied, and that story idea sounds cool. Like you, I've always got something sitting around needs finished, and it doesn't take me long to get into another writing project.

But first, I blog :) Check up on all my friends and catch up on the news. I'm glad things are going so well for your Raquel.

Have a good day.


mshatch said...

your new project sounds interesting. I have tons of unfinished projects, files with ideas waiting to be explored. That's one thing I'll never lack :)

Trisha said...

I pretty much always have SOMETHING I can work on - be it a new story or an old one I can dust off & take a fresh look at. No shortage of work to do over here!

Good luck with DARK, sounds like a really fun write!

Cara Gabriel said...

What a great way to think about the waiting period - a time of freedom to write whatever you want.

I have heaps of half-finished books on the hard drive that get pulled out during quiet times - to be polished a little, looked at from a different angle, and (more often than not) put back in the corner when something shinier comes along.


Crystal said...

I usually take a break and then read something! Your new book sounds exciting. I hope you get to go for that ride along! :-)

li said...

I've always got more projects than time, including a long list of home fixit jobs. I usually take a break from writing and do something else creative for a little while. I've done painting, cross-stitch and calligraphy so far.

You may get a trip in the backseat instead of a ridealong if the librarians turn you in for suspicious research!

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

How fun to just let your mind wander to new projects!

That's what I did with my Hawaiian Island Detective Club Series. I love Hawaii and the idea to write for Middle Grades just popped into my head--hmm . . . God must have been at work! (duh!) And then--Pineapples in Peril was born.

Enjoy your new writing experience, Raquel!

Elliot Grace said...

...I can still remember typing that final word, that feeling of utter clarity while dotting the last period.

For nearly ten minutes, I sat in my chair and simply stared at the the final page.

Surreal is the only word that comes to mind.

Then reality set in and I found myself buried in re-writes by the following Monday ;)

Congrats Raquel on your latest. Wishing you only the best!


Arlee Bird said...

My brain is filled with such a mishmash of stories that it is sometimes difficult for me to stay focused. I have to admire what you've accomplished.

Your new project sounds like a good one. Seems like one word titles are everywhere so Dark fits that trend and certainly is an intriguing title. I wish you well with you your writing.

Tossing It Out

Carol Riggs said...

Fascinating--could work into some fun research there, eh? Congrats on finishing WHISPERS and sending it off to the proper people and places! :) Rah for being creative and writing for pleasure. You go, girl!