Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Need Your Questions!

Hello Blogger Buddies! I've got a favor to ask....

My publisher is considering doing a podcast sort of deal where authors answer questions from readers, etc. I was hoping that some of you who have read parts of Purple Knot in blogfests or have read the first chapter sample, here, might pose some questions for me to answer.

I'm pretty sure they can be about anything, not necessarily my upcoming release, but whatever you might be curious about.


If something strikes you, please leave it in the comments or email me directly.

I really hope you guys can help me with this.  Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Until next time...Go Write!
Photgraph by Derrikkwa.  Photograph by Dr. Bacchus.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can I go with the obvious? With six kids, how do you find the time to write?

Linda Glaz said...

This is an interesting character, does she show up in the other two novels???

L'Aussie said...

Hi Raquel, happy to help. I'm going to go and read the first chapter of Purple Know, but I'd like to ask you what is the biggest challenge about writing inspirational romance? Do you struggle with morality issues or have you come up with your own formula of do's and don'ts?


Romantic Friday Writers Second Challenge - LOST - Friday 20.

L'Aussie said...

Sorry, Purple Knot!!!!!

Trisha said...

Definitely will read your sample chapter & try to think of a question or more than one to ask :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Raquel :
I think an interviewer might ask where do you think your book fits in the marketplace and who is your target audience?

Also there is a term in the music business "Cross Over." Do you think your novel has the potential to cross over from your target genre to another? Which one or ones?

In the movies, they say a movie has "Legs" if it can go from the domestic market to the foreign. Do you think your novel has Legs? If so, why?

Does your novel speak to the male audience in any way? Did you try to make that happen?

Are there any areas or subjects in inspirational romance that you veer away from?

Those are just a few questions that might help you a bit. I hope. Roland

Donna Hole said...

Can I offer some crit? You can spank me later if not . .

Don’t let me fall apart again, Lord. Help me have faith that despite all that’s happened, You’re there for me.

(This internal musing - prayer - is very strong characterization. It feels natural. The two quoted verbalizations are repetitive of the above musings, and to me, not as emotive. The "verbal" expression feels contrived. Not natural to the MC voice.

I suggest deleting: “Keep it together, Rose.” I whispered. And
“This can be a good thing if you let it.” So the scene would read:

in italics: (Don’t let me fall apart again, Lord. Help me have faith that despite all that’s happened, You’re there for me.) with the tag: My hand went to the polished mahogany box on the passenger seat, the smooth wood comforting under my palm.

That little bit of quotes is the only part that seems contrived. You've done well to introduce the character, tone and POV, and have added tension and just enough back story to the scene.

The name of the character was introduced at a more natural point when she interacted with the caretaker.

. . “And you don’t look like a Carl to me.” Awesome. Says a lot about expectations. Really fitting.

I like all the mystery you've woven here Raquel. It moves, progresses (exceet that one tiny thing with the quotes for me), and transitions from segment to segment.

Yeah; I'd read on . .


Bluebell Books said...

keep it up.

Please check out short story slam and join us on next Thursday.
Bless you,
Love your blog and writing talent.

li said...

A great start. I'd read on, to find out:
what she is fleeing from (herself, specific event, person, combo of all three.

Who she is caretaker for, and what role that person will play.

Who the old guy turns out to be; groundskeeper, angel, villain, mental patient... :)

Amy said...

That was really good! Look forward to reading more? :)

nat y ray franco said...

Raquel what/who inspired you to become such a good writer? By the way, we are very proud of you. Keep up the good work!