Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

David dressed up for our Kids Choice Award Party - He was Indian Jones...sort of.

This post is dedicated to the most amazing and handsome man in the husband David.  Tomorrow is our 16th Wedding Anniversary - woo hoo!

Eighteen years ago I met a long haired, pale, black-wearing goth dude in college and the sparks flew...yes, I've always been a bit off.

We had an interesting first date, complete with my disaproving Marine father, "The kid needs a haircut." And David's car breaking down after a midnight dad picked us up. "Shoulda checked the engine fluids."  But we hit it off, fell in love, and that was that.

Flash forward to our suburban life. Clean-cut, church going, fourth-grade teacher and father of six beautiful kids. God blessed me abundantly.

Happy Anniversary, Pookie (I mean David)...I love you!