Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some Holiday Fun...

So excited for Christmas this year! Shopping done. Cards sent. Presents wrapped...mostly.   I don't even have to cook! We're going to have family on Christmas Day and that always means lots of love and hugs so color me happy!

Just thought I'd share a couple of fun things for you to peruse during your sleepy holiday vacation.

The first is the always entertaining, Age of Steam blog. Where they have crazy pictures and videos of a favorite Victorian Holiday pastime...bed races!  So fun!

The second is a heads up for anyone interested in getting free review books. The publisher of my Romantic Suspense and Gothic Romance books, Pelican Book Group, has a new program called Book Lovers and it looks awesome.

There are a bunch of other review memberships out there for those who enjoy Inspirational Fiction. Check them out!

However you decide to spend your time off I hope it brings you much joy and well deserved restoration. 

+Raquel Byrnes