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Guess NaNo's Theme...

This morning I woke up to a guessing game. What is NaNoWriMo's theme this year?  From the looks of it...some sort of fairy tale or perhaps, as one commenter put forth, grandmothers and their wallpaper?  What about you?

Are you participating this year in the challenge?

NaNoWriMo Theme


It looks a little like a Games of Throne type theme. Who knows? It seems kinda fun to play though.


Zombies and Alice in Wonderland mash up. Even though there is already one out there... :)


Mina - Yeah the chess game and the rabbit...does look fun though.

Melissa - I thought Wonderland too. :)


I never have participated but I admire those who do. The badge is ... interesting.


Susan - You're very kind. The badge is sort of a mystery to me.


Looks creative, whatever that is. No November is my busy month so I spend it rewriting, not writing. But that's fine too. Have fun!