Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cosplay and Writing

I recently had the opportunity to help organize a Steampunk Formal for my daughter's high school prom. It was tons of fun and allowed for many creative projects. From a giant clock to transforming NERF pistols into copper-patina colored weapons. 

My daughter was inspired by my research for the YA Steampunk novel I recently wrote and I have to say that it was such a wonderful bonding time.

Plus, as a writer, I often do tons of research, but when I try to share it with others I can literally see the glaze pass over their eyes...sigh.  So this was awesome for me both as a mother and a writer.

She has since moved on to other cosplay themes. A huge Bioshock Infinite fan, she sewed her own 'Young Elizabeth' costume that she wore to an Adventure Ball this summer. It was so fun talking about the dirigible and airship nomenclature with her.

I'm looking forward to SteamCon and ComiCon this upcoming other daughter is a HUGE anime fan so I may be heading to an anime convention as well. Yes, apparently my family is just a giant brood of nerds...but we're fun ones!

For those of you interested in cosplay, I post tons of tutorial and DIY project links over at my author website: Raquel Byrnes

What about you? Is there something you share with a friend or family member that crosses over into your writing world?


Hart Johnson said...

So much fun when these things we really enjoy end up being passions we can share with our kids. Different topic, but I use astrology to help keep characters consistent and just passed several of my books to my daughter--I really love that she is fascinated with things that I love so much. COOL stuff you and your daughter made!

Sarah Allen said...

Oh great photos! This looks like so much fun :)

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah, With Joy)

Raquel Byrnes said...

Hart - thats so great you found a connection you two can share.

Sarah - I truly was. :)