Sunday, October 28, 2012

NaNo Prep - How Do You Organize?

Its not a sprint. Its a month-long marathon of pushing for the coveted 50, 000 words. I know there are a lot of  opinions as to whether it is 'pure' or not to organize your thoughts or even outline a story before the bell, but I'm all for it. Why? Because I think it will help you reach your goal. 

There are a few ways to go.  I'm a huge fan of Randy Ingermanson's Snow Flake Method.  Its very step-by-step and you end up with not only plot blocks, an outline, and a rough draft of your synopsis, but you can work your steps into a very nice proposal.

Another program I've tried with great results is Scrivener. You can get in on a BETA version that is free and lasts for 30 days which is all you need for Nano anyway. 

Something I use now and have found works wonderful for visual people is the iPad Index Card ap.  You can move scenes around and even import the outline to your computer which is very helpful.

My panster friend makes outlines a la high school. And she weaves incredibly detailed and intricate plots. She's more of a free spirit and loves to just let go and let her characters 'be' but she does do some preparation.

NaNoWriMo may be a great opportunity to get that story that's been scratching in your skull out and on to paper. But as I said before, writing at that pace, without a plan, may result in a meandering mess.

If you have some great organizational ideas, I'd love to hear them. As I get ready for the month of November, I could use all the help I can get.

Until next time...Go Write!


Clare Revell said...

I'm not good with plots. Or put it this way, my characters aren't. They hate them. so I have a basic idea for start and end and then let them loose. It works every time for me. Otherwise they sulk and refuse to play or the story stagnates.

Though this years is already sold on a short blurb/synopsis so my publisher must have faith in me.

Laura Marcella said...
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Laura Marcella said...

For this year's NaNo novel, I used "The Plot Whisperer Workbook" by Martha Alderson. LOVED it. It's my absolute favorite book on plotting.

I also make a beat sheet and index card scenes like Blake Snyder suggests in his book "Save the Cat!"

I've heard of the snowflake method but haven't checked it out. I love trying new ways to plot!

Good luck with NaNo, Raquel! We're buddies from the past couple years right? I'm Sunshine21

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I admire those of you who are so organized. I have a notebook with a page for every character but my plot is usually an outline on colored paper only I could ever understand.

DEZMOND said...

Good luck with the NaNoWriOhIcanneverrememberthewholetitle thing, Raquel :) It's the time when you crazy writers go even more crazy :PPP

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.