Friday, September 3, 2010

Falling In With The Crowd...

Photograph by Andrea Allen
So...a friend talked me into giving NaNoWriMo a chance this year. And I have to say, that I am exceedingly nervous. For those of you who don't know,  NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Its a challenge put forth by various sponsors to write a 175-page, 50,000 word novel from November 1st to November 30th.  Its a seat-of-your-pants approach designed to get the words on the editing allowed. Yikes!

For anyone interested in joining or learning more about it. Andrew over at The Write Runner did a fabulous post yesterday all about it. He even has a countdown clock and everything.

Now, writing by-the-seat-of-my-pants is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the way I go about writing a book.  I am a planner. A list-making, outline-constructing, plot-blocking fool and the thought of just...writing is sort of putting me on edge here. You see, they SAY that joining gives you permission to "Write With Abandon", but that probably doesn't take into consideration the incredible depth of my control issues.

So...I am going to work on my Snowflake program during the month of September and October...really plot out where I want this book to go, and THEN...I can write with, you know, semi-abandon.

You see this book, Bayou Blue, is the third in a series of Romantic Suspense novels that I'm looking to publish for the Christian market. The series is called Shades of Hope, and I truly hope to find a home for them soon.  The first two are complete and delivered so getting this one done will put a nice feather in my cap.

In December I want to begin converting my Intelli-Trace series to screenplay...a task that looms over my head like a black cloud roiling with lightning.  A huge task, yes.  I am currently studying how to format and write a screenplay and its VERY different than writing fiction. Its going to be a wonderful and terrible challenge.

For now, I am constructing my NaNoWriMo profile page, putting my synopsis and what not in the novel description section, and begging people to join and be my writing buddies. Oh, and I got a nifty word counter all ready and on my side-bar. Pretty, yes?

I encourage you all to join in on the fun and "abandon" during the month of November. Though you may not go about writing in the seat-of-your-pants manner normally, its said to do wonders for those that give it a go.  I'm willing to try...what about you?

Until next time...Go Write!


Mesmerix said...

I am doing NaNo as well. I've participated since 2008, where I failed. In 2009 I succeeded.

If you want to "friend" me on NaNo, my nick is the same: Mesmerix.

Good luck writing with abandon!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Cool! I shall check out your profile page and add you as a buddy. My user name is can add me back. =)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can I continue working on a project? I doubt I'll have my next book finished by then and this might motivate me to do so.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I believe they require a brand new project. I have few scenes that I used for blogfests, but I'm basically starting from scratch.

I don't know the extent that you want to participate...if you want to submit your word counts and get the badges, then you need to start anew...if you just want to follow along in the spirit of the challenge...I don't think that would be a problem.

The NaNoWriMo site has a FAQ page that answers in detail all of these types of questions. Hope you join up, Alex!

Laura Marcella said...

I love NaNoWriMo!!! I did it last November and "won"! I also planned my novel and outlined in October. That's perfectly okay to do! It was so fun, and knowing hundreds of other people are also writing their novels at the same time is the best part. I definitely didn't feel alone that entire month! Make sure you check out the forums; there's a lot of great stuff there.

My name is Sunshine21. I wish I could change it to my real name but it won't let me. :( Friend me when you set up your account!

Mesmerix said...

Alex: The spirit of NaNo is to start new. You can have some outline or a semblence of an idea, or nothing at all! But, there's no "prize" except motivation and accomplishment.

I would say that so long as you go into the project using it as a motivational tool, YES! Come join the fun! Who needs badges? This is about WRITING LOTS OF WORDS!

Let me know your nick when you join and I'll friend you. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I don't write long enough books for NaNo, but good luck! Your Shades of Hope books sound lovely. :-)

Elena Solodow said...

Good luck with the screenplay! That's how I started out my writing "career", when I was a young lady of twelve! It is quite different. It was amazing to start writing narrative and be able to stretch so much with descriptions and plot, though screenplays taught me how to pare down amazingly well. My plots never have too many scenes. They're usually just right, though getting them to be perfect is always a challenge, haha.

M. Bail said...

I'm a Nano-er too (I'll add you as a nickname is mkdbail).

Last year I "won" on my first go-around. This year I'm cheating a little and going to finish a novel I started a couple of months ago. But since I had to shift gears and work on revisions of another novel, this one is still "new" to me and I've been panstering the whole book anyway, so I'll just keep on going. I mean, who cares if I break the rules? The whole idea is to write 50,000 words, right? I can totally do that.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you at Nano in Nov!

Janet Johnson said...

Wow, you have a plateful! And NaNo . . . very cool. One of these years I'll do it. Best of luck to you! And yes, very cool word counter. :)

Kierah Jane Reilly said...

I think I'm going to do it too! The timing of it is perfect because my current WIP will be completed, and I'll need something to work on then. I like your idea of outlining first, and then come November 1, writing with abandon. I'm excited!

Erin Kane Spock said...

I've set up my nanowrimo account.
Now I need to finish the book I'm working on so I can start the next one with a clear conscience.
I decided to go ahead and do the Elizabethan because I will not have take up time with research. I'm looking forward to it!
My user name is my blog name -- Erin Kane Spock.
Should I have done a different name?

Ann Best said...

This is intriguing. I just might try it. Thanks for the info, and hope you're having a great weekend.

Linda Glaz said...

Wow! A lot for one month, my hat's off...

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks, Raquel, for the nice things you had to say about my last post on my blog. It made my Sunday. Hope today and tomorrow hold only happy surprises for you, Roland