Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Time Wasters

A great deal of my research for my books is done online. As a result, I often come across some really interesting sites that serve absolutely no other purpose than to waste time. I love them...but they throw me off my schedule so I decided to give myself permission to tool around on them for the purpose of blogging. Pretty slick, huh?

One that may be of interest to writers out there is called, I Write Like. I ran into it from someone tweeting about it earlier in the week and thought it looked fun. You paste a section of your tweets, blogs entries, or facebook posts onto their site and a statistical analysis tool tells you what famous writer your style resembles. I'm apparently a Stephen King clone which doesn't bode well for me since I write Romance. Yikes!

For those of you not into web time wasting...here is a fun project you can do at your desk with minimal supplies! I personally like the idea of being useful when I'm procrastinating. It makes me feel like I have an actual goal other than avoidance. --->

This guy does the most amazing paper crafts ever! He made a self portrait and used computer engineering to make a fold and paste, 360 degree mask of his own head. Its amazing! This next site may actually be helpful to writers using daylight as a plot device...so vampire and werewolf authors, take note. 

Finally, I leave you with a site that is both beautiful and useful. The New York Public Library has digital images of vintage maps you can use to enhance your story accuracy. Find out where stuff was back when. Cool, huh?

So now you're equipped with some fun and maybe helpful links...Go Write!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I can waste time with office supplies!
And I was told I write like Dan Brown - yeah, right!

KarenG said...

Stephen King huh? Hey, that's not bad. I love that Write Like site. I even plug in manuscripts I'm editing to see who the writers resemble. My two books differ. Supposedly I wrote Farm Girl like Ernest Hemingway, and my two novels like Chuck Palo-something but he wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. So I need to go get that one from the library to read. I could waste all day on that Write Like site.

Donna Hole said...

I love wasting time! Shhh, I'm working on a revision for my short story to return to the e-zine.

Its not coming along well. So I'm cruising blogs.

The paper-head guy is just creepy. He had way to much time to kill. And who ever gets that interested in statistics to plot sunlight. Well, everyone needs time fillers, right?

I did the I Write Like site; mine came up David Foster Wallace. I wish!

Did you read Lizzie Story, by Stephen King? That was a romance, and still held the same creepy style he's famous for.

Ok, back to revision - I hope.


Ann Best said...

I can definitely use some interesting ideas for wasting time besides changing my blog template! These are so interesting. I'm going to check them out. Thanks!

Hart Johnson said...

*snarf* You crack me up. I got a Stephen King on one of my stories. I figured it was because I swore a couple time. My only polished WiP I got JD Salinger who wrote naked in the bathtub... go figure.

LOVE the binder clip gadget! I use those for pretty much everything ANYWAY (hanging curtains, holding my hair in place, keeping the chocolate chip bag closed) so using them at a desk? WHO KNEW?

Ellie said...

I can so waste time on artsy blogs...it is sad and Amazon sucks me in with their recommendations.
Sometimes it is dead on, other times huh?! These look interesting...