Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where are my ZZZZ's?

I think I need to get some sleep. I may be going a little batty with the insomnia. I stayed up until 2:30 last night and it seems that being incredibly tired does not mean you are also sleepy. I've tried the hot milk, the low lights, the no screen-time therapies...I'm still awake.

For those of you that know me, you are aware that I’ve battled insomnia since my early teens. In fact, one of the ways I spent my time alone at night was either baking or writing. My husband requested that I stop waking him up at one in the morning with the smell of brownies baking…he was getting tired of buying bigger pants. So I’m sticking to writing until my eyes get blurry.

One interesting thing about lurking on the web so late at night is the weird websites that pop up on an aggregator site I use. I made a digital snowflake, named it, and sent it into the cyber storm…apparently some gal in Portugal is having the same problem because her snowflake wafted past mine. You should try it. The site is

I’ve made countless origami animals, learned to fold a dollar bill into a ring, and took a 360 degree virtual tour of the Great Wall of China complete with motion captured tourists. There’s a site where you can shop by color, that’s right…color. lets you move your cursor over colored circles and when you click your mouse on a certain color, anything of that hue that is for sale on the web, pops up. I’m considering a pair of bright orange shamrock buttons…just in case I need them this St. Patrick’s Day.

I should be doing research. I need to find out what the different gang tattoos mean. Not to mention that fact that I think I had a character visit a museum that is actually in another part of the country. Ooh…and of course, I should look up a good brownie recipe. My husband looks way to peaceful…sleeping…effortlessly. Hmmm…

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