Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Picture

The boat and the boy(ee)
Originally uploaded by *JRFoto*
You know, the internet is an amazing tool especially to the writer. I’ve been working on my ‘One-Sheets’ a sort of page-long advertisement for your book that writers hand out at conferences. The format is pretty standard; the title of your book, a picture to set the mood, and then a few paragraphs that sums up the premise of your story. I’ve worked out all the text and needed a photo to properly encompass the feel of the romantic suspense featured on the One Sheet.

My problem is, that most of my pictures are of my kids. They aren’t really great material for what I’m trying to do. So I hop on a photo-sharing site and find the perfect…perfect picture. So I fire off an email to the photographer…all the way in Norway, mind you…telling what I want to use his photo for, and if I can have his permission. I get an answer within an hour.

He gives me permission and only asks that I give him credit for taking the picture. How amazing is that? So, to thank the most generous Norwegian guy ever, I am posting his picture on my blog for everyone to admire it. He is truly talented. And as I said, very generous.