One Sheet

Here is an example of the sell sheet I used a couple of years ago when meeting with editors to pitch me Shades of Hope series...
Purple Knot
An Edge of Your Seat Romance

"Jimmy’s voice failed him.  He pulled me to his chest and he whispered in my ear.  He prayed for our relationship to remain in God’s hands.  He prayed that those trying to hurt us would fail.  But he prayed most fervently for me to understand grace… 

I didn’t know what he meant.  Not then."

A killer strikes. When her best friend, Summer, is killed, Reyna Cruz doesn’t believe the police have the whole story.  An investigator by trade, she has the talent and temper to track the killer, but the clues point to someone Reyna knows; someone from her past. As she closes in on the truth, the killer turns the tables.  Suddenly, Reyna becomes the hunted.

A love betrayed. Jimmy Corbeau, Summer’s brother and Reyna’s lost love, is at the center of the tragedy. He wants justice for his sister, but Reyna’s past with him may derail the investigation. Years before, on the brink of marriage, the death of their unborn child sent Jimmy running to God for solace. Reyna refused to follow. Now, Summer’s violent death brings them together again. As their romance rekindles, so do the memories of their tragic undoing. Can their fragile love survive the dark secrets revealed by Reyna’s investigation?

A terrible choice. Wealth. Violence. Greed. When the clues lead to a family connection and a vicious motorcycle gang, Reyna realizes she may be in over her head. Closing in on the killer, Reyna’s determination to find the truth may prove fatal.  When the kidnapping of Summer’s daughter goes awry, Reyna puts her life on the line to get her back.  At the end of hope, Reyna must decide if she will trust the God she believes abandoned her.

Purple Knot, a 96,000 word Romantic Suspense, explores the power of redemption, forgiveness, and God’s gift of second chances. Two other books in the series are also complete.

Shades of Hope Series, Edge of Your Seat Romance stories to make your heart flutter in more ways than one.  
Purple Knot * Ruby Dawn * Bayou Blue

Comparable Books: Don’t Look Back (Women of Justice), In Harm’s Way (Heroes of Quantico)

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