Wednesday, October 31, 2018

WIPjoy Wrap Up - What I Learned

Day 15: Genre of Art That Best Describes Your WIP
As you all know, I took part in #WIPjoy this month. It is a Twitter event that celebrates your Work In Progress and helps authors to connect and encourage one another.
Aside from the social aspect, the part of the fun of the event is that I find most helpful is that it forces me to look at my story from angles I wouldn't necessarily see otherwise.  The amazing Bethany Jennings @simmeringmind  and S.D. Grimm at


did a flat out awesome job at coming up with the daily prompts.
Some of my favorite ones included other types of art that best describes your story. So for Veridian's main character, tech hunter, Elara Savoya, I used the future noir graphic arts.
Day 29: Fall, food, festivities, and family.

We were also asked to share our writing playlist which was a lot of fun. If you'd like to check it out, its on Spotify here: Veridian Playlist
But it was the more personal questions that really served to help me solidify my main character in my head. 
There was  a question about what my main character's loved about fall.
Or what childhood dreams she had that will never come true...that was a really hard one!
It made me think about her outside of the story...outside of the high stakes drama. What was she like at home?
Day 23: Elara dreamt of the stars.
She loves her family. They drive each other crazy because they work together in the tech recovery game.
I realized they may fight a lot...but they fight best together.
Graphics and playlists aside, I feel like I learned a lot more about my characters and story through this event. 
Overall I feel pretty excited to head into next month's craziness of NaNoWriMo. 
If you are taking part in the race to 50K add me as a buddy. I'm under Raquel Byrnes on the site.
As a reader, do you like to see more than the books? Do songs, art, and other fun stuff get you excited for the story? 
I'm off to plot for #NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck and see you soon!

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