Wednesday, November 4, 2015

IWSG, You Can Do the Thing!

Welcome to another installment of the Insecure Writer's Support Group conceived by illustrious Ninja Captain, Alex J. CavanaughOur Twitter hashtag is #IWSG. 

The co-hosts for November are:
Denise Covey  

So this month I am all about encouraging my fellow authors. Whether you're taking part in this year's NaNoWriMo challenge or facing a personal writing struggle, I want you to know that its okay to stumble. 

Its okay to feel overwhelmed or lost in your story. Its fine if you don't have the end worked out. Not too big of a deal if life throws you a curve ball and you don't meet your writing goal...


I've met goals and jumped for joy...and failed to even come close and dove into some comfort food. Just sayin' it happens to all of us.

So I'm here to be a cheerleader, an "I believe in you-er," and overall good vibe sender.

I am going to be doing NaNoWriMo again this year so if you need a writing buddy, just look me up by name.  

Otherwise, my best wishes and warmest virtual hugs are coming your way...YOU CAN DO THE THING!


Rachna Chhabria said...

I badly wanted to do NaNo atleast once in my lifetime. But maybe it will be sometime in the future. Good luck with your word count.

Arlee Bird said...

I've opted out of NaNo once again. I still need to do the other stuff I've been wanting and needing to do.

I wish you well with your November endeavors.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

dolorah said...

I failed to get my IwSg anthology story written and ready to submit by deadline; but I'm happy to have a short story idea to work on as time permits over the next couple months. Any writing is preferable to none :)

Good luck in meeting your own goals Racquel.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

We can do more than we believe we can -- life has a nasty way of proving that to us by dropping us into one fire after another, right? :-)

VR Barkowski said...

I bowed out of NaNo this year, but I’ve had difficulty focusing on my writing, so thank you for the encouragement. I have to keep reminding myself that failure can only happen if we stop trying.

Wishing you great success with NaNo, Raquel!

VR Barkowski

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Doesn't matter if you hit 50,000 words or not - just write!

Patricia Lynne said...

Thanks for the encouraging words! This is why I love IWSG. We talk about our insecurities, but there's always people who are cheering and lifting up.

S.K. Anthony said...

Awww I love that tiny potato!!!

This is my first time trying Nano . . . so far, hmm okay-ish. lol. Yay for the encouragement! You can do it, too!!! :D

Stephanie Faris said...

Haha, LOVE that potato. So cute. Good luck with NaNo...rooting for everyone from the sidelines this year.

J.H. Moncrieff said...

That's so awesome! I love the tiny potato - it's completely nonsensical, but somehow it works. Plus, it's cute. :)

I'm doing NaNo as well. I'm KickboxingWriter, all one word. I'll see if I can find you.

Go, Raquel! You've got this.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. This month has been crazy!