Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prepping for the BIG GAME

Prepping for NaNo is well underway in my house. Not only am I gearing up to participate myself, but the students in my creative writing class are taking part as well.  I've created a classroom and even ordered those adorable buttons for their backpacks. 

Its the BIG GAME for us writers. The play-offs of novel writing...

So I cheerlead and get excited and rile my students up for the big day.

I also try to have some funny Gifs and encouraging links because, lets face it, the idea of writing 50K words in one month is super intimidating.  My students are on the "youth" section so they can set their own goals...but still...that's a daunting task!

But when you look at it like this------->

Well, that seems a bit more doable!

So I am dusting off my style sheets and my "Fleshing Out" my character worksheets so that when November 1st rolls around I am prepared to just...write.

I will not worry about details or things that may sidetrack me. I will write and write and get to my goal this November.

What about you? What do you do to prepare for NaNo?  Any rituals or pre-game traditions to get yourself psyched?

Do you prepare on a writing program like Scrivener or are you old school index cards?  Do you think about what you're going to be working on or wing it?

I'd love to know... +Raquel Byrnes 


writing and living by Richard P Hughes said...

Good luck, Rachael

Raquel Byrnes said...

Thanks Richard :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I like that. Need to print it out.
Not participating this year, but I wrote my second book during NaNo. And if I can crank out a publishable story, any writer can do it!

Amalia Dillin said...

I LOVE that top graphic with the characters for an epic story!

as to preparing for NaNo, it seems like the more I prepare the worse it goes for me, so I like to wing it. Last year I did plotting workshops and planned all kinds of things out, and I wrote only like ... 8000 words? maybe? It was a terrible year. My worst since 2005-07. But I'm also going to be a rebel this year and just continue writing my current half-finished projects, and make daily writing and the HABIT of writing my endgame for the month!