Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to Playing

I get to play again!

Its been months of editing and re-editing, proposal and query shaping, and all around UN-FUN writing chores. But now with The Tremblers safely in my agent's hands and NaNo just around the corner, I am Happy Dancing and Celebrating as I start a new book.

I enjoy the planning, the research, and the anticipation of diving back into the sheer fun and fulfillment of just writing.

Photo by p049979
There's a special kind of homecoming when you begin a second or third book in a series. Your struggle and stretching to world-build pays off and you can just grow your universe as the story dictates. I really love that!

This is also the time where I begin to paw through the piles of papers on my desk for my Style Sheet. Because as much as I love the Trembler-verse and all the inhabitants of The Peaceful Union...I sometimes forget name spellings and dates.

I also peruse my PINTEREST page for inspiration and to revisit old designs, locale pics, and character stand-ins.

What do you do to get back into your book universe?

By +Raquel Byrnes 


Liz A. said...

Sounds like fun for you. Personally I love digging in with a good edit...

dolorah said...

Congrats on getting the novel sent out. I'm excited for you getting started on a new project. I also enjoy all the planning nad research. I usually have story ideas languishing in my word documents, but it seems to me I have to start with names when seriously writing on a project. I research a name to fit the character, then keep the name definition in mind when writing scenes for the character. keeps me from intruding as an author.

Hope the new project is as fun as the last one.