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Secrets at Crescent Point - Cover Reveal!

I am excited to share the cover for my upcoming release! Secrets at Crescent Point is book two in my Noble Island Mystery Series and I am so loving the art work!

I think it goes so well with the first book in tone and theme. Gothic romance with a twist of faith...

 I can't wait to share Raven and Siyah's suspenseful story with all of you!


That's an interesting cover!


I like the cover as well. I think isolated "pops" of color like the blue draw the eye in immediately. :-) Thanks for dropping by for Friday Flash!


Wow, what a riveting cover. I know you must be thrilled! Thanks for daring to visit my Pirate's Alley at midnight. Brave lady!! :-)


Congratulations on your book!


I love the ethereal quality of the woman. Is she even real? The fear is real. Excellent cover.


I absolutely loved Whispers On Shadow Bay! I am definitely looking forward to Secrets At Crescent Point!


Thank you so much, Jasmine! I'm so glad you liked Whispers. :) I hope you find Siyah and Raven just as entertaining. I know I did.