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My Book Is Free Today!

Due out in January 2013, my newest book, Whispers on Shadow Bay will be pre-released for Free on Kindle for a limited time starting today.

Here is the link: Whispers on Shadow Bay

This promotion is a new thing my publisher is doing, so I had a lot to learn about making the most of this situation. And I have to say...I learned a lot these past few months in preparation for the promotion.

One of the best places to go for advice is an article How to Make the KDP Select Program Work For You by author Holly Robinson. With straight forward, honest assessment of what did and didn't bear results for her, I found her advice awesome.

I will let you know how some of her suggestions worked out for me. In the meanwhile, for the next three days, I'll be working the ether to get my name out there.

If you think of it, please help a fellow author out and retweet my promotion.

Blessings -- rb


Will post a link on FB. Good luck and I'll be interested to hear about your results.


Ha! Excellent! I just downloaded! Good luck with your promotion!


Susan and Hart...thank you both for your support and encouragement! <3


Very cool indeed - I just snagged myself a copy too :)

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This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !


I really like the cover of your book, Raquel. We've really seen so many horridly done amateur covers around the blogosphere, but yours is really beautiful and eye catching!