Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hunting for that good read.

I recently read an article about how we find our books. According to the poll most people choose books based on friend or stranger recommendation and not on direct advertising. People reported that reviews by friends and non professionals were the yardstick by which they decide whether or not a book is worth their time. Online purchases of books are mainly made after reading a review posted by someone who has already read the book. It doesn't seem to matter if you know this person or not. This struck me as strange considering all of the shelf decoration, media buys, and other publicity that goes into launching books.
My question to you is this - "What was the last book you bought, and how did you hear about it?"
Did you stroll the bookstore aisles and grab the one with the sleek cover and eye catching colors? Was it on an end cap or arranged creatively on a center table? Had you read the author before and went for name recognition based on a good experience?
Take a second to let me know. I'm interested in how you search for that one book in millions that is worthy of those rare moments you have to yourselves. For the record, I get most of my books from friend recommendations. I can't wait to hear what works for you. Until next time, friends, you're on my heart and in my prayers.


Carlos said...

The last book I bought (actually, I didn't have to buy it because someone got it for me for the holidays) was "Time" By Eva Hoffman. I caught a reading of parts of it on NPR and thought it sounded like a good read.

Megan said...

I can't remember the last personal book I bought for myself, but I usually go off of author's who I already know and enjoy reading. Amazon's "other books people bought with this" section is something I always find helpful or the main displays that are in stores like Barnes and Nobel or Borders. Most any type of first person narrative: Sedaris, Burroughs, Palahniuk...

Normandie said...

Raquel, because I can only buy books when I return to the States (unless I want to read in Spanish, which I can't manage easily), I look at covers that appeal, names I recognize, and author recommendations. I love used book stores, where the same search criteria apply.