Monday, February 1, 2010

Birds of a Feather

all's well that inks well
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This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with a friend of mine that is also a writer. It was nice to 'talk shop' with someone and share the hopes, frustrations, and small triumphs that no one else can really understand. We plan on starting a local writer's group and I am very excited to meet other women with a similar interest.

Writing is often seen as a cerebral and solitary calling, but I find that I meet more interesting people while researching or learning about my craft than in any other avenue of life. I've interviewed police officers, trauma surgeons, skydivers, and many other people I would not have otherwise met.

What interest of yours has enriched your life with friends or new experiences? What group of 'Go-To-Gals' is your lifeline to keeping sane in this busy life?

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