Friday, June 24, 2011

MC Blogfest - Reyna From Purple Knot

In honor of the website launch for Jeannie Campbell's Character Therapist,  Elizabeth Mueller is hosting the Main Character Blogfest.

Jeannie helps writers to understand and therefore better layer the people they write. So she's given three questions for the Blogfest:

  • Question 1: What is your greatest fear?
  • Question 2: What is your biggest accomplishment?
  • Question 3: What is your biggest regret?

RULES: Pretend you are one of your MCs and answer all 3 questions.

Greatest Fear:
I suppose my greatest fear would be that I would be for people to see how scared and vulnerable I feel inside. I'm known as being a tough cookie. I'm a private detective, for goodness sake. I hunt down bad guys, but...I still feel broken. Like I can't get over what happened in Seattle and no matter how hard I work or how successful I am it won't be enough.  I miss James. I'm afraid that won't ever go away.

Biggest Accomplishment:
I've made it in a male dominated profession. Really made it. I moved from everything I knew and loved and not only survived...I thrived.  I'm shocked more than anyone.

Biggest Regret:
Letting fear win. It won't happen again. Nothing will keep me from doing what I know is right. If I had one more chance...a do over. Well, I wouldn't let a second chance at happiness or love pass me by.

Stop by Jeannie's site and make an appointment. I can't tell you how much she's helped me.  I also hope that you take a peek at the other participants in the Getting To Know Your MC Blogfest!

Reyna is the main character in Purple Knot, an edge-of-your-seat romance set in Seattle.

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